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Process method of hematite beneficiation

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Hematite is a kind of ferric oxide (Fe2O3) that does not contain crystal water. Limonite ore contains 35% to 40% iron, has a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5, and a specific gravity of 4.8 to 5.3. This kind of iron ore is weakly magnetic iron ore. At present, three common methods are: gravity separation, magnetic separation and flotation.

1. Hematite gravity separation method

Hematite gravity separation method can be divided into single gravity separation method and spiral chute-shaking table combined gravity separation method according to its mineral properties.

Single gravity separation method: According to the mineral particle size conditions, it is divided into fine-grained gravity separation and coarse-grained gravity separation. The fine-grained gravity separation is to grind the crushed iron ore to dissociate its monomers, and then through gravity separation. Obtain fine-grained high-grade hematite concentrate. This method is suitable for embedding hematite with fine particle size and high magnetic content. The coarse-grained gravity separation method has a coarser mineral particle size, so the method of only crushing without grinding is often used, and then through Gravity separation discards the crushed coarse tailings, which is mostly suitable for coarse-grained hematite ore.

Spiral chute-shaking table combined gravity separation method: mainly suitable for processing medium and fine-grained hematite. The spiral chute can be used first for rough selection, and then the shaker can be used to select the rough and concentrated iron ore 

2. Hematite magnetic separation method

The hematite magnetic separation method is mainly suitable for processing hematite ore containing non-metallic minerals. When the slurry enters the separation stage, the magnetic ore particles can be magnetized under the action of an uneven magnetic field. In this case, they will be affected by Due to the magnetic attraction, it is adsorbed on the cylinder and brought to the ore end for discharge; the non-magnetic gravel still exists in the slurry due to the smaller magnetic field effect.

 3. Hematite flotation method

There are two main hematite flotation methods: forward flotation and reverse flotation.

Hematite positive flotation method: It is mainly suitable for processing single hematite. It mainly uses anion collector to float the hematite from the raw ore 

Hematite reverse flotation method: It is mostly suitable for hematite with higher grade and easy-to-float gangue. It mainly uses anionic and cationic collectors to float the hematite from the raw ore.

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