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The latest beneficiation process of siderite

2023-06-02 Xinhai (244)

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Due to its low grade, siderite is not widely used in the world. Its beneficiation methods mainly include roasting magnetic separation and gravity separation, but these are not the only beneficiation methods. 

The main technological processes of siderite include single gravity separation, single strong magnetic separation, single flotation, combined process of maglev and heavy flotation, and magnetization roasting-weak magnetic separation process.

Gravity separation is the most widely used and most important siderite beneficiation method in industry at present, and it is mainly used for the separation of coarse and medium-grained non-dyed siderite or coarse-grained pre-selection. Siderite has a low density and is a refractory ore, so heavy suspensions can be used for beneficiation, but jigging + medium and heavy suspensions are often used for beneficiation.

It also occupies a relatively important position in the beneficiation of siderite. In addition to roasting can improve the grade of iron concentrate, CO2 escapes from the ore after roasting siderite, which increases the voids of the ore, thereby increasing the interaction with the reducing gas. contact area, so it has better reducibility. Magnetized roasting of siderite is mainly neutral roasting, and the main factors affecting the roasting process are roasting furnace, roasting fuel and reducing agent, roasting temperature and reduction time, etc.

Siderite is a weak magnetic mineral and can be recovered by strong magnetic equipment. 18%。 Daxigou siderite adopts a weak magnetic-strong magnetic process, which can increase the iron grade from 27. 5% to 42. 35%, and the recovery rate reaches 82. 18%.

The floatability of siderite is close to that of hematite. It is the best way to improve the grade of fine-grained siderite by adopting flotation method to recover siderite embedded with fine particles, or to further improve the grade of coarse concentrate after magnetic and gravity separation. effective method.

In addition to the single beneficiation method introduced above, there are currently more commonly used combined process beneficiation methods, such as magnetization roasting-magnetic separation-reverse flotation process, floating copper-magnetization roasting-magnetic separation process, etc. Effective combination, to maximize the iron concentrate grade and product recovery rate.

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