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How to choose gold mining equipment

2022-09-06 Xinhai (357)

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Gold ore is the most common and most common ore in beneficiation industry. We are all familiar with gold ore, but many beneficiation owners may encounter such problems as to how to choose gold extraction machine.

Xinhai Mining will judge the components contained in the gold ore through observation or beneficiation test according to the gold ore provided by the customer, and then determine the beneficiation process according to the test.

The current mainstream gold mining equipment generally includes: crushing by crushing equipment, then crushing the crushed gold ore by grinding equipment, and then processing by classifier, stirring tank, spiral chute, flotation machine and other equipment, and finally through gravity separation, Flotation, extracting concentrates and tailings, and finally extracting gold.

Let's take you to know the gold ore beneficiation equipment at each stage of the gold ore beneficiation process:

Crushing and Grinding Process


Most gold beneficiation plants use jaw crushers for primary crushing and cone crushers for secondary or fine crushing. Most concentrators use a two-stage, one-closed-circuit crushing process, and large-scale gold processing plants use a three-stage, one-closed-circuit crushing process.

Gravity Separation Process


The main equipment for gold selection in the gravity separation process is a jig. The process is to mix mineral particles of different specific gravity, and stratify according to specific gravity in a vertically moving variable-speed medium flow. , and then use the action of machinery and water flow to discharge the layered materials separately.

Gravity separation is widely used in rock gold mines, mostly as an auxiliary process. The recovery of coarse-grained gold in the grinding circuit creates favorable conditions for the flotation and cyanidation processes, improves the beneficiation index, and increases the total recovery rate of gold, which has played a positive role in increasing production and reducing costs.

Flotation Process


Flotation is a common gold beneficiation method in most concentrators. Two processes are usually included: preferential flotation and mixed flotation. The gold separation equipment used is gold ore flotation machine. Xinhai Mining will select the appropriate flotation machine according to the actual situation of the customer's ore dressing plant. Commonly used flotation machines include type SF and type KYF. Gold is then extracted by cyanidation. Finally get the finished gold.

The above is the reference and suggestion on how to choose gold mine beneficiation equipment. For more gold mine beneficiation issues, please consult Xinhai Mining. We will tailor a suitable gold beneficiation solution for you.


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