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Magnetic separation process of manganese ore

2023-06-01 Xinhai (233)

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Most manganese ores are fine-grained or micro-fine-grained, and there are a considerable amount of high-phosphorus ore, high-iron ore and symbiotic (associated) beneficial metals, which brings great difficulty to mineral processing. At present, the commonly used manganese ore beneficiation methods are mechanical beneficiation (including ore washing, screening, gravity separation, strong magnetic separation and flotation), as well as pyro-enrichment and chemical beneficiation.


Application field: The magnetic separation process of manganese ore is suitable for the separation of high phosphorus, high silicon and low iron manganese ores

1. Ore washing and screening: Ore washing is to use hydraulic flushing or additional mechanical scrubbing to separate ore from mud. Commonly used equipment includes washing screens, cylinder washing machines and trough washing machines. Usually these devices also have the function of screening.


2. Gravity separation: At present, gravity separation is only used to separate manganese ores with simple structure and coarse particle size, especially suitable for manganese oxide ores with high density. The commonly used methods are dense media beneficiation, jigging beneficiation and shaking table beneficiation.

The rough grades are jigged, and the fine grades are sent to the shaker for selection. Most of the equipment is Harz type reciprocating jig and  shaker.

3. Strong magnetic separation: Due to the simple operation, easy control and strong adaptability of magnetic separation, it can be used in the separation of various manganese ores. In recent years, it has played a leading role in manganese ore separation. Generally, it can increase the manganese grade by 4-10 percentage points. At present, the most common application of domestic manganese ore is the medium-grain high-intensity magnetic separator, and the coarse-grain and fine-grain high-intensity magnetic separators are also gradually applied.

4. Heavy-magnetic separation: At present, the heavy-magnetic separation plants that have been newly built or rebuilt in China include Fujian Liancheng, Guangxi Longtou, Jingxi and Xialei and other manganese mines. For example, the Liancheng Manganese Mine Heavy-Magnetic Separation Plant mainly deals with leaching manganese oxide ore, using AM jig to process 30-3mm washed ore, and can obtain high-quality manganese concentrate containing more than 40% manganese, and jigging tailings and less than 3mm, the washed ore is ground to less than 1mm, and then separated by a strong magnetic separator.


5. Strong magnetic-flotation: At present, only Zunyi manganese mine adopts strong magnetic-flotation process. The mine is low manganese, low phosphorus and high iron manganese ore mainly manganese carbonate ore. The successful test of the strong magnetic-flotation process and its application in production indicate that the flotation of manganese ore in my country has taken a big step forward.

6. Pyroconcentration: Pyroconcentration of manganese ore is a sorting method for processing high phosphorus and high iron refractory manganese ore. Pyroconcentration process is simple and production is stable. It can effectively remove iron in ore Manganese-rich, low-iron, and low-phosphorus manganese-rich slag is obtained by separating phosphorus and manganese. Therefore, pyro-enrichment is a promising mineral processing method for high-phosphorus, high-iron, and low-manganese refractory ores in my country.

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