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Innovation of Xinhai Mining Ball Mill

2020-03-03 Xinhai (1173)

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The economic benefits of modern mining enterprises are restricted by the science and technology of mine design and equipment, which is reflected in customized and reasonable craftsmanship and high-quality equipment. The pros and cons of the beneficiation industry's economic benefits are inseparable from Kuang Hao's process design and energy-saving beneficiation equipment. Since its establishment, Xinhai Mining Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. has been focusing on technological innovation, insisting on tailoring each mine, creating its own technical equipment, and creating perfect economic benefits!

In the field of innovation in mineral processing equipment, Xinhai Mining Equipment Design and Research Institute has not only designers with diverse mining machinery knowledge, but also a small group of technicians with both mechanical design knowledge and practical experience in beneficiation, who are responsible for Xinhai In mining areas such as mine development, design, and improvement, more than 80% of general mining equipment has been technically transformed, and patents belonging to Xinhai have been registered. This has nurtured innovative mineral processing equipment with the characteristics of Xinhai mineral processing equipment. It provides more efficient energy mineral processing equipment for various types of mines around the world. Xinhai Mining Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to the design and development of ball mill for 20 years, and has obtained many technical achievements in the field of ball mill transformation. According to the standard of the ball mill and the needs of users, various devices of the ball mill can be customized, including transmission system, jacking equipment, feeding equipment, gear ring baton lubricant device, sliding spring, overall frame, etc., to save energy and reduce consumption. , Reasonable ball mill equipment structure to improve efficiency.

When the ball mill is being repaired, the slow transmission motor is turned on, and the meshing claw gear is accelerated by the reducer and the wheel, and the barrel speed can reach 0.1rÅ. At this time, you can enter the ball mill for maintenance and replace the liner. When the ball mill is turned off for more than 4 hours, it is difficult to start due to the hardening of the material in the cylinder. Before the main motor starts, slowly drive the runner to loosen the material, which is convenient for the main machine to start, and it is very convenient for the maintenance and start of the ball mill. When repairing the ball mill, the hydraulic jack can only be raised and lowered by operating the handle of the hydraulic station. After the barrel of the ball mill is jacked up, the big gear and the small gear are separated, which is convenient for replacing the small gear. The gear transmission part and bearing part of the rolling mill can be repaired and maintained, and the damaged bearing part can be replaced. Xinhai’s technicians have designed three configuration methods of roller feeder, combined feeder and feeding trolley for the feeding device of the ball mill, especially for the feeding trolley configured for user needs and large-scale mills. The head is fixed on the mobile trolley, which can move back and forth on the track, the feeding elbow is directly inserted into the feeding port of the feeding part, and the connecting flange is connected with the feeding device (silo or feeder). During the maintenance of the rolling mill, maintenance operations can only be performed by moving the trolley along the track. The spray lubrication system of Xinhai Mining Equipment is a dry-type fuel injector that regularly sprays a certain amount of grease on the gear working surface to achieve lubrication and reduce gear wear. Its lubrication effect is far superior to ordinary lubrication methods. In addition, the spray lubrication system is controlled by a visual programmable controller, which can maintain basic parameters, control the amount of each injection, and display the working process.

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