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What medicaments are used for tungsten ore?

2023-07-26 Xinhai (341)

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In the beneficiation process of tungsten ore, various medicaments are used to achieve effective separation and concentration of tungsten minerals from gangue minerals. The specific choice and combination of medicaments depend on the ore characteristics, desired product quality, and processing conditions. Some of the commonly used medicaments for tungsten ore beneficiation include:

Collectors: Collectors are surface-active agents that selectively bind to and enhance the hydrophobicity of tungsten minerals. They facilitate the attachment of tungsten minerals to air bubbles during flotation. Common collectors used for tungsten ore include xanthates, fatty acids, and phosphonic acid derivatives.

Frothers: Frothers are used to stabilize the froth in the flotation process and create a stable environment for the attachment of hydrophobic particles. Common frothers used for tungsten ore flotation include pine oil, alcohols, and glycols.

Depressants: Depressants are reagents used to inhibit the flotation of specific gangue minerals, ensuring better selectivity in the separation process. In the case of tungsten ore, sodium silicate and sodium carbonate are commonly used as depressants for silicate gangue minerals.

pH Modifiers: pH modifiers are used to adjust the pH of the flotation pulp to create favorable conditions for the flotation of tungsten minerals and/or to depress specific gangue minerals. Lime and soda ash are often used as pH modifiers in tungsten ore flotation.

Activators: Activators are used to enhance the flotation of specific minerals, especially when the minerals are not naturally floatable. Sodium sulfide is a common activator used in tungsten ore flotation to activate scheelite (calcium tungstate) minerals.

Dispersants: Dispersants are used to improve the dispersion of fine particles and prevent agglomeration during flotation. Sodium silicate is commonly used as a dispersant in tungsten ore flotation.

Solvent Extractants: In some cases, solvent extractants are used to selectively extract tungsten from solutions, especially in hydrometallurgical processes for tungsten ore.

It is important to note that the choice and dosage of these medicaments can significantly impact the flotation efficiency and the quality of the tungsten concentrate. Hence, the optimization of medicament selection is a critical aspect of tungsten ore beneficiation to achieve the desired product quality and economic viability. Additionally, proper management of wastewater and reagent consumption is crucial to ensure environmentally responsible processing of tungsten ores.