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Several processes of barite beneficiation

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Barite is a common mineral used in various industries such as oil and gas drilling, paint, and chemical production. However, most of the barite is low-grade and needs beneficiation to improve its quality for commercial use. Here are several processes of barite beneficiation:

  1. Gravity Separation: Gravity separation is the most commonly used method for barite beneficiation. The principle of gravity separation is to use the difference in density between barite and gangue minerals to achieve separation. Gravity separation can be performed using a variety of equipment such as jigs, shaking tables, and spirals.

  2. Flotation: Flotation is another widely used method for barite beneficiation. The principle of flotation is to add reagents to the mineral slurry to make the barite selectively adhere to air bubbles and float to the surface, while gangue minerals sink to the bottom. Flotation can be performed using various flotation machines such as mechanical flotation cells, column flotation cells, and dissolved air flotation cells.

  3. Magnetic Separation: Magnetic separation is used to separate magnetic minerals from non-magnetic minerals. Barite is non-magnetic, but some associated minerals such as iron oxide and siderite are magnetic. Magnetic separation can be used to remove these magnetic impurities from barite.

  4. Chemical Beneficiation: Chemical beneficiation involves using chemical reagents to improve the quality of the barite concentrate. Acid leaching, alkali roasting, and reverse flotation are some of the chemical beneficiation methods used for barite beneficiation.

  5. Combination of Beneficiation Methods: Combination of beneficiation methods is often used to achieve the best beneficiation effect. For example, gravity separation can be used to remove coarse gangue minerals, and then flotation can be used to further improve the quality of the concentrate.

Overall, the choice of the beneficiation method depends on the nature of the ore, the composition of the gangue minerals, and the desired grade and recovery of the barite concentrate.

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