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What are the factors affecting iron ore flotation?

2023-04-24 Xinhai (237)

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The following are the factors that can affect the flotation of iron ore:

  1. Mineralogical characteristics: The mineral composition and crystal structure of iron ore have a significant influence on its flotation. For example, iron ores with high levels of hematite are relatively easy to float, while ores with a high content of magnetite are more difficult to float.

  2. Grinding fineness: The finer the grinding fineness, the better the flotation effect. However, excessive grinding will lead to an increase in the number of slime particles, which will have a negative impact on flotation.

  3. Flotation reagents: The type and dosage of flotation reagents have a significant impact on the flotation process. The selection of appropriate reagents and the appropriate dosages are critical to achieving a good flotation effect.

  4. Pulp temperature: The temperature of the pulp can affect the flotation process. An increase in pulp temperature can improve the flotation efficiency, while a decrease in pulp temperature can decrease the flotation rate.

  5. Pulp pH: The pH value of the pulp can affect the surface charge of the minerals, which in turn affects the adsorption of collectors and frothers. The appropriate pH range for iron ore flotation is usually between 9 and 11.

  6. Slime content: The content of slime particles in the pulp has a significant impact on flotation. High levels of slime particles can affect the froth stability and reduce the flotation efficiency.

  7. Water quality: The quality of water used in flotation can also affect the flotation process. Water with high salinity, hardness, or alkalinity can have a negative impact on flotation, while water with low salinity and hardness is more conducive to flotation.

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