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What are the common beneficiation methods of antimony ore?

2023-04-24 Xinhai (262)

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Antimony ore is a metal mineral that has a wide range of applications in various industries such as the aerospace, military, electronics, and chemical industries. Antimony is also used in the production of flame retardants, batteries, and semiconductors. The beneficiation of antimony ore is an important beneficiation process, and the methods used are different according to the characteristics of the ore.

Here are some common beneficiation methods for antimony ore:

  1. Gravity separation: Antimony oxide ores and mixed antimony sulfide-oxide ores can be separated by gravity separation. Gravity separation is based on the difference in the specific gravity of the antimony mineral and the gangue minerals. The common gravity separation equipment includes jigs, shakers, and spiral chutes.

  2. Flotation: Antimony sulfide ores can be beneficiated by flotation. Flotation is a process in which the minerals are selectively separated by the use of different reagents. Antimony sulfide minerals can be separated from gangue minerals by using antimony-specific collectors and frothers.

  3. Combination of gravity separation and flotation: In some cases, the antimony ore is difficult to beneficiate by a single method, and a combination of gravity separation and flotation can be used to achieve a better beneficiation effect.

  4. Roasting-magnetic separation: Antimony-bearing sulfide ores can be beneficiated by roasting-magnetic separation. Roasting can convert antimony sulfide into antimony oxide, which can be easily separated from the gangue minerals by magnetic separation.

  5. Cyanidation: Antimony-bearing refractory gold ores can be beneficiated by cyanidation. Antimony can interfere with the leaching of gold, but it can also be adsorbed on the surface of the gold particles, which can improve the recovery of gold.

In conclusion, the beneficiation methods of antimony ore are diverse, and the choice of beneficiation method depends on the specific characteristics of the ore. The selection of a suitable beneficiation method can not only improve the grade and recovery of antimony, but also reduce the environmental pollution caused by the beneficiation process.