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What are the general processes of lead-zinc ore beneficiation?

2023-04-27 Xinhai (269)

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The general process of lead-zinc ore beneficiation includes the following steps:

Ore pretreatment: including analyzing samples and sample preparation, ore crushing and grinding, iron and silicon removal, etc.

Separation of lead-zinc minerals: This step includes magnetic separation, gravity separation, flotation, electric separation and other methods to separate lead-zinc minerals by different methods.

Concentrate tailings and tailings treatment: During the beneficiation process, tailings often need to be tailed in order to obtain a purer concentrate. At the same time, tailings also need to be treated to ensure environmental protection and safety.

Selection of lead-zinc ore beneficiation method: According to the nature of ore and industrial requirements, select the appropriate beneficiation method, such as gravity beneficiation, magnetic separation, flotation, electric beneficiation, etc.

Concentration and dehydration of lead-zinc ore: In the beneficiation process, it is often necessary to concentrate and dehydrate the ore pulp in order to obtain a purer lead-zinc ore concentrate.

Treatment of lead-zinc ore concentrate: including storage, transportation and final treatment to ensure the quality and recovery rate of lead-zinc ore concentrate.

The above is the general process of beneficiation of lead-zinc ore. Different lead-zinc ores need to be adjusted and optimized according to their characteristics and industrial requirements.