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Shaking table selection process of phlogopite

2023-04-27 Xinhai (240)

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Shaking table separation process of phlogopite is a chemical beneficiation method for separation of phlogopite. The process flow includes the following steps:

Pretreatment: The phlogopite raw ore is subjected to pretreatment such as crushing, screening and magnetic separation to remove impurities and non-metallic minerals.

Shaking table beneficiation: Put the pretreated phlogopite ore into the shaking table and rotate under certain conditions to separate the phlogopite from the gangue.

Separation: Collect the phlogopite particles in the shaker and perform hydrocyclone separation or magnetic separation to obtain phlogopite products with different particle sizes.

Selection: The separated phlogopite products are selected to remove impurities and non-metallic minerals to obtain high-quality phlogopite products.

Electric separation: separate the phlogopite product from other metal impurities, and use the method of electric separation to separate the phlogopite from the gangue to obtain electrolytic copper and metal products.

Roasting: Roasting electro-selected metal products to remove iron and other oxides and enhance their texture and plasticity.

The key parameters of shaking table separation process of phlogopite include shaking table speed, number of shaking table layers, liquid-solid ratio, flotation agent dosage, etc. Through reasonable parameter setting and process control, the sorting effect and quality of phlogopite can be improved. At the same time, the process also needs to take corresponding safety and environmental protection measures to protect the health of workers and the safety of the environment.

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