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Carbon leaching gold extraction process

2023-04-26 Xinhai (252)

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The carbon leaching gold extraction process refers to adding carbon powder to the gold-containing substance, and putting the mixture into the carbon pile for combustion, so that the gold is dissolved in the carbon ash. This method is mainly used to extract gold from ore.

Specifically, the process of carbon leaching gold extraction process includes the following steps:

Slurry removal: crush the gold-bearing ore into suitable particles, and perform preliminary treatment, such as removing gangue and impurities.

Concentration before leaching: Concentrating the pulp to an appropriate concentration for subsequent leaching and adsorption.

Leaching and adsorption: The leaching solution is passed through the adsorbent to adsorb gold to form a carbon slurry. The carbon slurry is then burned in a pile of charcoal, dissolving the gold in the charcoal ash.

Desorption electrolysis: the carbon ash is washed with water to remove the salt and unreacted gold. The ashes are then dissolved with acid to obtain a pyrometallurgical gold solution.

Pyro-smelting: Pyro-smelting gold solution to purify gold.

It should be noted that in the carbon leaching gold extraction process, factors such as the fineness of the grinding and grading overflow, the concentration of the leachate, the temperature and humidity of the carbon pile all have an impact on the effect of gold extraction. Therefore, in actual operation, it needs to be adjusted and optimized according to the specific situation. At the same time, the carbon leaching gold extraction process needs to use a large amount of gold-containing substances and fuels, so there are certain problems of environmental pollution and energy consumption.

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