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What are the technological processes for titanium beneficiation?

2024-01-05 Xinhai (199)

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The technological process of titanium beneficiation is to add a stirring and desliming process between the concentration and grinding processes in the existing process of feeding - concentration - grinding - separation - ore discharging, which not only improves the quality of the ore The sorting efficiency also improves the output and grade of concentrate.

The titanium ore beneficiation method is to first start based on its ore body structure. The ore body structure in different mining areas is different, secondly analyze the differences between ilmenite, paragenetic ores and gangue, and then analyze its single crystal grain size..that is, at what particle size can the monomer dissociation of iron be achieved. The specific mineral processing methods are as follows:

 (1) The industrial experiment of the new technological process of titanium coarse concentrate screening and classification, coarse particle electroseparation, and fine particle flotation achieved the titanium concentrate grade of 47.65% and the recovery rate of the beneficiation operation of 78.34%.

 (2) The key technologies to realize the classification and selection of titanium coarse concentrate are: first, screening and separation of coarse and fine fractions; second, recovery of fine fractions.

 (3) Tar oil modified with titanium floating agent has a wide source and has strong titanium collection ability. It can be prepared frequently and flotated at room temperature. It is an effective titanium collector.

 (4) A combined method of gravity separation, strong magnetic separation, flotation and electric separation to recover ferrotitanium from tailings.

(5) Based on the multi-element analysis of the raw ore, simplified processes such as single gravity separation and single high-intensity magnetic separation can also be used to separate the titanium concentrate in the tailings.

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