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Science and technology stand-on the innovation of mineral processing equipment

2019-06-21 Xinhai (1448)

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Recently, technological innovation has become a hot topic of discussion. In the face of the rapidly changing international situation, maintaining openness and innovation has become a common choice for Chinese companies.

Xinhai Mining Equipment believes that for traditional industries, technological independence is also crucial. At the moment when new things are constantly emerging, no matter which industry, technology and innovation are the main theme of current and future development. Only by grasping technology and constantly innovating can we open up a development path that belongs to the enterprise itself.

For Xinhai mining equipment, technology and innovation are not empty talks. They run through the development of Xinhai mining equipment, and lead Xinhai mining equipment, let "Made in China" go to the world with a unique attitude . Talk about technology and achieve brand with strength.

How important is technological strength to a traditional industry? As far as traditional industries are concerned, although they don't look at technology like the lifeblood of the communications and information field, being able to have the technology they need can remove many difficulties for the company on the road to development.

In 1997, Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Xinhai Mining Equipment, was established, along with Xinhai Mining Design and Research Institute. The technical team led by the chairman of the board Mr. Zhang Yunlong took on the technical core of the entire company. Chairman Zhang Yunlong knows that technology is the key to the survival of mineral processing equipment manufacturing enterprises. Under the leadership of this team, from the first large-scale flotation machine successfully developed by Xinhai to more than 1,000 kinds of equipment covering mining, dressing and smelting, it has achieved a leap in quality and quantity, and has also achieved more than 100 patents on the wall. Zhang's photo makes Xinhai Mining Equipment an intellectual property advantage enterprise in Yantai City.

For the existing beneficiation equipment, Xinhai Mining Equipment has been improved and developed. At present, the improved and developed beneficiation equipment accounts for 80%, so that the beneficiation process and equipment can be better combined, and the laboratory determination can be achieved as much as possible. The beneficiation index.

The wear-resistant rubber lining developed by Xinhai Mining Equipment maintains 97% of the natural rubber content, so that the wear resistance of the entire lining can be 2 to 4 times higher than that of other wear-resistant materials. Xinhai Mining Equipment will wear-resistant The rubber lining is flexibly used in flotation machines, ball mills, thickeners, cyclones and other beneficiation equipment, effectively solving the problem of equipment loss caused by the slurry containing a large amount of ore particles in the beneficiation process.

In 2009, Xinhai Mining Equipment successfully developed the third-generation dry tailings discharge process and supporting equipment, which made the concentration of the slurry discharged to the tailings pond reach over 85%, successfully solving tailings pollution and tailings pond safety Hidden dangers, while also reducing the investment cost of tailings stockpiling.

In 2018, Xinhai Mining Equipment introduced SolidWorks 3D design software and PDM management system, which enabled the beneficiation equipment and concentrator to enter the era of 3D design, more precise control of details, and scientific and rigorous methods for the development of concentrator construction Lay the foundation

To this day, Xinhai Mining still regards science and technology as the yardstick of the company's development, continuously expanding its technical team, encouraging technicians to use and develop new technologies, maintaining a scientific and rigorous attitude, and using strength to shape the brand of Xinhai Mining. Image.

On innovation, to meet change with change

In this ever-changing era, many people think that it is the truth to welcome the change with the unchanging, and Xinhai Mining Equipment believes that we should meet the changes around us with the unchanging original intention and continuous change. The course of innovation and development can be summarized from four aspects:

This innovative development path has brought long-term and fresh vitality to Xinhai Mining Equipment, and it has also enabled Xinhai Mining Equipment to reach cooperation with universities. In 2018, Shandong University of Science and Technology and Xinhai Mining Equipment signed a contract to jointly build a teaching practice and innovation and entrepreneurship practice base to promote innovation and development through school-enterprise cooperation.

Comment on the future, let technological innovation lead the way

The direction led by technological innovation is the direction of Xinhai Mining Equipment's development. For traditional industries, a solid technical foundation is an advantage. How to use this advantage to adjust development thinking is the key. In the coming 5G intelligent era, there are more opportunities and challenges waiting for us. In the future, Xinhai Mining Equipment We will continue to uphold the development path of scientific and technological innovation, benefit the global mines with the services of the entire mining industry chain, and allow scientific and technological innovation to introduce a steady stream of power to Xinhai Mining Equipment.