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Magnetic drum

Magnetic drum

【Product Introduction】:Magnetic drum is a dry magnetic separation equipment used for pre-selection of coarse-grained strong magnetic minerals.

【Applicable Materials】:It is suitable for dry pre-selection of magnetite before entering the mill, and the selected particle size is below 300mm. Usually, the tail can be thrown appropriately to increase the grinding grade to above the geological grade.

【Production Capacity】:100t/h-350t/h

【Product Application】:Xinhai magnetic drum adopts the design of large magnetic wrap angle in the design, the magnetic wrap angle is less than 180°, which increases the length of the separation belt and the number of magnetic flips

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Magnetic drum

The advantages of Xinhai magnetic drum

The magnetic system of Xinhai strong magnetic drum adopts neodymium iron boron magnets with high magnetic energy product and high coercivity, with high magnetic field strength and large depth of action;

The demagnetization rate of 8 years of magnetic field strength does not exceed 5%;

The cylinder body of the magnetic drum is made of non-magnetic stainless steel and covered with wear-resistant rubber, and the service life of the cylinder is significantly improved;

Permanent magnetic rollers can be used as active rollers or driven rollers.

The working principle of magnetic drum

Usually used as the driving roller of the conveyor belt, when the material passes the magnetic roller on the conveyor belt, it is sorted. When the magnetic material moves to the top of the drum, it is attracted, and automatically falls off when it goes to the bottom, instead of the magnetic material Directly fall along the horizontal parabolic trajectory, magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials will enter different receiving hoppers respectively.

Product Picture of Beneficiation Jig

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Magnetic drum FAQ

The difference between the principle of dry magnetic separator and other magnetic separators

The principle of dry separation magnetic separator is to use the magnetic difference between magnetic minerals and non (weak) magnetic minerals in the material to be processed to be subjected to different magnetic field forces. Magnetic minerals can offset part of the centrifugal force and gravity. The relative positions of the two mineral particles falling at the end of the belt are made different, so as to achieve the purpose of sorting. However, the general working principle of wet magnetic separator is quite different from that of dry magnetic separator. After crushing and grinding, the iron ore enters the entrance slot of the magnetic separator in the form of ore slurry. Since the introduced is a wet magnetic separator, the ore slurry enters the entrance slot of the magnetic separator and rotates with the cylinder. Flow in the same direction. Because there is a fixed magnetic pole at the bottom of the cylinder of the magnetic separator, the pulp coming out near the bottom of the cylinder will be subjected to a greater magnetic force, and then the intensity of the magnetic field will gradually decrease when spreading to both sides.

So the magnetic separator should be selected according to its actual situation, specific analysis, and timely selection to achieve a better magnetic separation effect

Product Parameter

Specification model Cylinder diameter
Cylinder length
Belt width
Field strength of tube table
Processing volume
Give the ore particle size
Total weight
CTGG-0812 800 1200 1000 300~500 ≤100 ≤200 2.1
CTGG-0814 800 1400 1200 300~500 ≤120 ≤200 2.6
CTGG-0816 800 1600 1400 300~500 ≤150 ≤200 3.2
CTGG-0818 800 1800 1600 300~500 ≤180 ≤200 3.9
CTGG-1018 1000 1800 1600 300~500 ≤270 ≤250 4.4
CTGG-1218 1200 1800 1600 300~500 ≤350 ≤300 5.0

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