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Barite gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation

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Barite is a barium-containing sulfate mineral, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, metallurgy, medicine, agriculture, atomic energy, military and other fields. It has stable properties and is an important non-metallic mineral raw material.

With the gradual depletion of single-type barite mines, barite minerals associated with other metal ores and non-metallic minerals have become the focus of barite development. The associated components of these barite minerals are complex and closely related. It is also more complicated. This article will take you to understand the common barite beneficiation processing technology.

Spar Gravity

According to the difference in density between barite and associated minerals, the gravity separation method undergoes process steps such as washing and screening, crushing, grading and desliming, jigging separation, and shaking table separation to obtain concentrated ore products. The gravity separation method is mostly used for residual ores, and concentrates with grades above 80% can be obtained.

Different particle sizes of barite have different requirements for beneficiation equipment. When the particle size of barite embedding is larger than 2mm, dense medium separation and jigging separation are usually used for separation. Among them, the upper limit of particle size of dense medium separation is 50mm, and the upper limit of particle size of wet and jigging separation is about 20mm. The barite minerals with a particle size of less than 2mm can be sorted by a shaker or a spiral classifier, and a hydrocyclone can be used in the stage before beneficiation to remove the mud in the ore and improve the sorting effect.

Barite Magnetic Separation

Magnetic separation is often used to remove iron oxide magnetic minerals in barite, such as siderite, etc. The barite products processed by this method can be used as barite raw materials for basic medicines with very low iron content. Dry strong magnetic separator and wet high gradient strong magnetic separator can be used to process barite minerals with fine particle size and remove impurities with weak magnetic properties.

Barite Flotation

The flotation method is mainly used to deal with the barite ore with very fine particle size and the tailings of barite re-election. According to different collectors, it can be divided into two types, one is the chemical adsorption form, which uses anionic collectors such as fatty acid alkyl sulfate and alkyl sulfonate; the other is the physical adsorption form, which uses cationic amines Collector. Amine collectors have low collection efficiency and are extremely sensitive to the impact of ore slime, so it is ideal to use anion collectors.

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