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High-Efficiency Agitation Tank

High-Efficiency Agitation Tank

【Product Introduction】:The High-Efficiency Agitation Tank is a mixing equipment that forces the slurry to circulate up and down in the tank.

【Applicable Materials】:The high-efficiency stirring tank is mainly used for the slurry stirring before the flotation operation, so that the reagent and the slurry are fully mixed. It can also be used for slurry mixing in chemical and building materials industries

【Production Capacity】:0.58~45m3

【Product Application】:The unique umbrella-shaped impeller exerts downward pressure on the slurry, so that the slurry circulates up and down along the deflector, the medicament and the slurry are mixed more fully

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High-Efficiency Agitation Tank

The advantages of high-efficiency agitated tank

The impeller is large in diameter, fast in speed, and strong in mixing the slurry and medicine;

The enhancement of the stirring capacity has strengthened the circulation capacity of the slurry and medicine;

There is a diversion fluid in the stirring tank, and the larger negative compression is smaller in the limited space, which accelerates the suction capacity, makes the medicine circulation capacity stronger, and increases the suction capacity and circulation capacity;

The lower part of the diversion fluid is equipped with a spray body, which further strengthens the circulation capacity of the drug mine, which is beneficial to improve the flotation index.

The working principle of high-efficiency mixing tank

Under the rotation of the blade impeller, the pulp is discharged from the lower end of the impeller in the axial direction, and negative pressure is formed in the impeller cavity, so that the pulp flows from the top of the impeller into the impeller cavity for supplementation. At the same time, under the guiding effect of the flow stabilizing plate, the slurry forms a vertical circulating flow in the tank with the center downwards and the circumference upwards. When the upward flow velocity of the slurry is greater than the settling velocity of the ore particles, the ore particles in the slurry will be in a suspended state and maintain a uniform concentration.

Product picture of high-efficiency mixing tank

Mining mixing tank Mining mixing tank Double impeller mixing tank Double impeller mixing tank

FAQ about efficient mixing tank

The role of agitation tank in the concentrator

The stirring tank in the beneficiation plant mainly provides auxiliary functions for the flotation operation. It is used for slurry stirring before the flotation operation to achieve: 1. Realize the mixing of two or more mutually compatible liquids to obtain a uniform mixture Liquid; 2. Two or more immiscible liquids are mixed and dispersed to obtain an emulsion; 3. Gas is mixed with solution; 4. Solid can be mixed with solution and suspended in solution; 5. Accelerate chemical reaction and heat transfer , Mass transfer and other processes.

Product Parameter

Model effective volume (m3) Rotating speed of impeller (r.p.m) Impeller diameter (mm) Motor model Motor power (kw) Weight (kg)
GBJ-1000X1000 0.58 530 240 Y112M-6 2.2 548
GBJ-1250X1250 1.15 350 240 Y100L2-4 3 820
GBJ-1500X1500 2.2 320 420 Y132M2-6 5.5 1350
GBJ-2000X2000 4.4 240 560 Y160M-6 7.5 3173
GBJ-2500X2500 9.2 272 560 Y180L-6 15 3939
GBJ-3000X3000 19.1 220 700 Y225S-8 18.5 6676
GBJ-3500X3500 31 248 700 Y225M-8 22 7581
GBJ-4000X4000 45 153 1000 Y250M-8 37 9560

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