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Lepidolite flotation process flow chart

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Lepidolite is a lithium-containing mineral that is often associated with other minerals, such as feldspar, quartz, and mica. The flotation process is a common method used to separate lepidolite from its associated minerals. The following is a typical lepidolite flotation process flow chart:

  1. Crushing and grinding: The lepidolite ore is crushed and ground to the desired size, typically to a particle size of 80% -200 mesh.

  2. Conditioning: The ground lepidolite ore is mixed with water and various reagents, such as collectors and frothers, to create a slurry. The slurry is then conditioned for several minutes to allow the reagents to adsorb onto the surface of the lepidolite particles.

  3. Rougher flotation: The conditioned slurry is fed into a rougher flotation cell, where air is introduced into the slurry to form bubbles. The lepidolite particles attach to the bubbles and float to the surface of the cell, forming a froth layer. The froth, which contains the lepidolite concentrate, is then collected and sent to the cleaner flotation stage.

  4. Cleaner flotation: The lepidolite concentrate is further cleaned using a series of cleaner flotation cells. The cleaner cells use similar flotation reagents as the rougher cells, but with different operating conditions to achieve a higher grade concentrate.

  5. Concentrate dewatering: The lepidolite concentrate is then dewatered to remove excess water, typically using a thickener or filter press.

  6. Tailings disposal: The tailings from the lepidolite flotation process are sent to a tailings pond or other disposal area.

Overall, the lepidolite flotation process is an effective method for separating lepidolite from its associated minerals, and the resulting lepidolite concentrate can be further processed to produce lithium compounds.

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