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Attention! Tin Ore Processing Technology and Equipment

2022-06-21 Xinhai (509)

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Tin ore is one of the earliest metals discovered and used by human beings. As early as 1800 BC, tin has been used together with copper and lead to make bronze utensils. Metal tin has soft texture, good ductility and stable chemical properties, so tin and tin alloys are widely used in modern national defense, cutting-edge technology and human life. The common beneficiation processes of tin ore are mainly gravity separation, magnetic separation and flotation.

Tin Ore Gravity Separation

Gravity separation is to use the density difference between tin and associated minerals for separation. The density of tin in the original ore is higher than that of other minerals, so the separation of tin ore by gravity separation can achieve an ideal beneficiation effect. Gravity separation method is better for the separation of tin sand ore, especially the tin sand ore with high degree of monomer dissociation, while the tin sand ore with low monomer dissociation degree can improve the degree of dissociation by means of rod mill and other equipment , in order to improve the grade of beneficiation concentrate. The main equipment of the gravity separation method is a jig and a shaking table.


Tin Ore Magnetic Separation

The magnetic separation method is suitable for tin ore associated with minerals such as magnetite, limonite and tungsten, which cannot be better separated from tin ore by gravity separation. However, because of its certain magnetic properties, impurity minerals can be removed by magnetic separation. In order to better improve the grade of the concentrate, the magnetic separator can be used multiple times in multiple stages, or the length of the separation belt and the number of magnetic inversions can be adjusted. The equipment commonly used in the magnetic separation method is a magnetic separator.


Tin Ore Flotation

For fine-grained tin ore that is not ideally treated by gravity separation, flotation method can be selected for separation. Although flotation method can recover fine-grained tin ore, it also has the problem of large consumption of chemicals due to the large surface area of ore particles , in order to solve the above problems, the ore can be pretreated before flotation, or effective chemicals and equipment can be used in combination. The equipment commonly used in flotation method is flotation machine, and the flotation effect of the combined unit of KYF type flotation machine and XCF type flotation machine is more ideal.


The above three methods are common methods for tin ore beneficiation, but in actual production, the dissemination characteristics and mineral composition of ore are often complex and diverse. In order to achieve better tin beneficiation effect, several beneficiation processes are often used in combination.