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Analysis of feldspar mineral processing process

2023-08-25 Xinhai (268)

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The veins of aplite-type feldspar deposits are small and not very wide, and most of them are produced in the corresponding plutonic rocks, and occasionally in the cracks of the surrounding rocks near the rock mass. Let's come with the editor to understand the beneficiation and processing process of fine crystal feldspar ore.

Generally, aplite-type feldspar ore contains mica and sometimes iron. In the beneficiation process, iron and mica need to be removed, so the process of crushing-grinding-sieving-magnetic separation is often used.

Fine crystal feldspar crushing processing technology

In the crushing stage of this type of feldspar ore, in order to dissociate the minerals as much as possible, two stages of crushing processes are adopted: coarse crushing and fine crushing. The process is as follows: the raw ore is sent from the feeder to the first-stage crusher (jaw crusher) for coarse crushing, and the crushed product is sent to the second-stage crusher (cone crusher) by the belt conveyor for fine crushing, and the crushed product is transported to It is stored in the storage bin and ready for follow-up operations.

Grinding Process of Fine Crystal Feldspar Ore

The grinding operation is to realize the dissociation of monomers between minerals. At this stage, a rod mill is often used for grinding, which forms a closed-circuit system with a sieve for grinding. The process is that the crushed product is sent to the belt conveyor by the feeding bin, and then The ore is sent to the rod mill for grinding, and the grinding product is sent to the vibrating screen, the undersize material enters the next step, and the oversize material returns to the rod mill for regrinding.

Magnetic Separation Processing Technology of Fine Crystalline Feldspar Ore

In the magnetic separation stage, the weak magnetic separation method is mainly used. The process is that the under-screen product is further removed from the mechanical iron through the field strong magnetic separator, and the high-gradient magnetic separator removes the iron-containing minerals to obtain the feldspar concentrate.

Feldspar Magnetic Separation Processing Technology

The above is the introduction of the processing process of fine crystal feldspar ore. In the actual concentrator, according to the different properties of feldspar ore, the beneficiation process and the use of beneficiation equipment are also different. Therefore, it is recommended to analyze through the beneficiation test. The ideal feldspar concentrate can only be obtained by designing a suitable feldspar ore processing technology and a complete set of feldspar ore processing equipment.