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How to purify kaolin? What are the beneficiation processes

2023-06-15 Xinhai (287)

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Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral product, divided into hard kaolin and soft kaolin, mainly used in papermaking, ceramics and refractory materials.

Hard kaolin mainly adopts dry beneficiation process, and the purification steps mainly include aeration, grinding, iron removal and mineral separation.


① Ventilation: Use the air guide hood and air guide pipe to circulate and ventilate in the raw material tank to form a ring-shaped air.

② Grinding: The hard kaolin in the raw material tank is transported into the separation tank, and the grinding roller is used for fine grinding. At the same time, the kaolin adhered to the grinding roller is shoveled back into the raw material tank with a shovel, forming a closed loop.

③ Iron removal: The finely ground kaolin is used on the belt conveyor to complete the iron removal work using an electromagnetic iron remover.


④ Mineral separation: The kaolin after iron removal is screened with a filter screen, the coarse material is blocked by the filter screen, and re-grinded, and the fine material is successfully separated.

Soft kaolin mainly adopts flotation beneficiation process, and the purification steps mainly include crushing, screening, grinding, classification and flotation separation.

① Crushing: use crushers of different specifications and types to carry out coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing of raw ore.

② Screening: Use a vibrating screen to screen the crushed raw ore, and the unqualified material is transferred to the crusher for secondary crushing to form a closed loop.

③ Grinding: The materials with qualified particle size are finely ground by ball mill, and the output particle size is 200 mesh.

④ Classification: use the hydrocyclone group to classify the pulp after grinding, and the qualified pulp enters the flotation stage.

⑤ Flotation separation: Add collectors, foaming agents, ph regulators and other flotation agents into the pulp, mix evenly and carry out flotation to obtain qualified kaolin concentrate

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