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Water Quenching Quartz Sand Process

2023-04-26 Xinhai (264)

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The water-quenched quartz sand process refers to a process in which the quartz sand is heated to a high temperature and then purified by water cooling. The main water quenching process steps include:

Raw material preparation: heat the quartz sand to 1000~1200 ℃, and add an appropriate amount of binder, such as kerosene, coal tar, etc.

Heating: Heat the quartz sand to a suitable temperature.

Water quenching: Add quartz sand to water and purify it through water cooling.

Cooling: Quickly cool the water-quenched quartz sand to room temperature.

Separation: The cooled quartz sand is separated by sieving or other separation methods.

Recycling: Recycling the separated quartz sand, such as recycling binders, etc.

The above are the main steps of the water-quenched quartz sand process, and the specific operations may vary due to different process conditions and types of quartz sand. In actual production, each step should be optimized and adjusted according to specific conditions to obtain higher quality quartz sand products.

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