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Placer gold processing plant refers to gold processing plant that uses the placer gold mining method, which is the mining of alluvial deposits of precious metals, either in rivers and river banks, or in the coastal areas. Placer gold deposits are formed by the weathering and erosion of rocks containing gold, which is then carried downstream by water or deposited on the coast by waves.

The processing of placer gold involves several stages, including exploration, mining, sorting, and refining. Here is a brief introduction to each stage:

  1. Exploration: Before setting up a placer gold processing plant, the first step is to find a suitable deposit. Geologists conduct geological surveys to locate potential deposits of placer gold. They use geophysical instruments to identify the locations of gold-bearing gravels.

  2. Mining: Once a suitable deposit has been identified, mining begins. Placer gold mining involves the use of equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and dredgers to extract the gold-bearing gravel from the riverbed or coastal areas. The extracted material is then transported to the processing plant.

  3. Sorting: The next step is sorting the extracted material to remove impurities such as rocks, sand, and clay. The gold-bearing gravel is washed and screened to separate the gold particles from the other materials.

  4. Refining: After sorting, the gold particles are concentrated through a series of processes that remove the impurities and increase the purity of the gold. This may involve the use of gravity separation, flotation, and/or cyanide leaching. The refined gold is then melted and cast into bars or other forms for transport and sale.

Placer gold processing plants can vary in size and complexity depending on the deposit being processed. Some small-scale operations use simple equipment such as gold pans and sluice boxes, while larger operations may require more sophisticated equipment and processes. The goal of all placer gold processing plants is to efficiently extract the gold from the deposit while minimizing the impact on the environment.

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