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Three methods of mica beneficiation

2023-08-22 Xinhai (233)

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Mica is a general term for hydrous aluminosilicate minerals containing potassium, magnesium, iron, lithium and other elements with a layered structure, mainly including muscovite, sericite, biotite, phlogopite, lepidolite, etc. taste and quality.

According to the different properties of the ore contained in mica, the beneficiation methods include hand separation, friction beneficiation, shape beneficiation, flotation, gravity separation and wind separation. Among them, the flotation method is more common. The following editor will introduce the mica flotation method, which mica ore is suitable for flotation and the mica flotation process.

1. Which type of mica is suitable for flotation

Flotation mica is generally selected according to the difference in physical and chemical properties of the surface of mica ore and gangue minerals. In the mica ore, there are several types of muscovite, crushed mica and sericite, all of which can be purified by flotation. In addition to recovering mica as a useful mineral by flotation, mica is a common gangue ore in many ores, which also needs to be removed by flotation.

2. Flotation mica method

During flotation, the raw ore is crushed and ground to dissociate from the gangue mineral monomer, and through the blessing of the agent, mica is selectively enriched in the solid-liquid-gas three-phase interface (making mica become Foam products), and then complete the separation of mica and gangue. Common flotation methods for mica include acidic cation flotation, alkaline anion-cation flotation and both combined flotation.

1. Acidic cation flotation mica

The acidic cationic flotation method is mostly suitable for sorting coarse mica, and the upper limit of the recyclable particle size is 14 mesh. Because of the coarse particle size, pre-deliming operation is required before flotation. The vibrating screen is used for desliming treatment, and then sulfuric acid is used as a pH regulator (solid concentration 40~45%) to suppress quartz. When the pH value is 4, the flotation effect is better.

2. Alkaline anion-cation flotation mica

When there is a certain amount of slime in mica and the mica particles are above 20 mesh, the effect of alkaline anion-cation flotation is better. Similarly, before flotation, it is necessary to remove sticky minerals. During flotation, sodium carbonate and calcium lignosulfonate can be used as pulp inhibitors, among which calcium carbonate is also used as a pH regulator, and calcium lignosulfonate also acts as a pulp dispersant. Between pH 8.0 and 10.5, mica The recycling effect is better.

3. Process flow of flotation mica

In general, the technological process of flotation mica is determined according to the beneficiation method. Due to the different properties of mica ore, during flotation, it is necessary to go through multi-stage roughing, multi-stage selection and sweeping processes to obtain ideal mica. concentrate.

The following takes three-stage rough selection and three-stage selection as examples to introduce its process. In this process, three XCF flotation machines are used for roughing and beneficiation respectively. Among them, the mica roughing tailings directly enter the tailings system, and the roughing concentrate flows to the third-stage beneficiation operation to continue flotation and beneficiation. After the mica enters the dehydration system, the selected tailings also enter the tailings system

The above is the introduction of flotation mica. In actual production and application, it is necessary to determine the preliminary process flow according to the properties and characteristics of mica ore, and enrich and optimize the process through a series of conditional tests to obtain ideal mica. concentrate.

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