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What are the beneficiation methods of scheelite?

2023-08-31 Xinhai (248)

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Tungsten is a rare metal with high melting point and high hardness. It is widely used in metal alloys, aerospace, optical devices and other fields. The main sources of tungsten resources are wolframite and scheelite. my country has large reserves of scheelite. However, most scheelites are of low grade and complex components, so the separation is more difficult. The main separation methods of scheelite are gravity separation, magnetic separation and flotation.

Scheelite gravity separation process

The gravity separation process is generally suitable for processing scheelite with coarse particle size. When the specific gravity difference between scheelite and gangue minerals is large, better separation results can be achieved. Gravity separation is one of the effective methods for the separation of scheelite and black and white tungsten ore. Because scheelite is brittle and easy to grind into mud, it is possible to use segmental grinding and segmental separation processes in the beneficiation process. The gravity separation method has the advantages of low cost and less environmental pollution, but for fine-grained scheelite, the separation effect of the gravity separation method is not satisfactory.

Magnetic separation process of scheelite

Scheelite itself is non-magnetic. Magnetic separation can be used to process scheelite with associated magnetic gangue minerals. Generally, magnetic separation is often used for pretreatment before flotation of scheelite. On the one hand, other valuable metals can be recovered in advance. , improve the quality of scheelite concentrate, on the other hand, pre-throw tailings to enrich scheelite, improve the grade of flotation, and reduce costs.

scheelite flotation process

Flotation is one of the important methods of scheelite separation, and it is suitable for processing fine-grained scheelite. The flotation process of scheelite is generally divided into two parts: roughing and beneficiation. Roughing is to remove most of the gangue minerals to improve the recovery rate of scheelite, and beneficiation is to improve the grade of scheelite concentrate.

The commonly used methods of scheelite beneficiation include heating flotation and normal temperature flotation. Heating flotation is to add a large amount of water glass to the high-concentration scheelite roughing concentrate slurry, stir it under high temperature conditions, and then carry out dilution and drug removal for normal temperature flotation, although the flotation index of heating flotation It is better, but the cost of mineral processing is high, which is not conducive to the production of mineral processing; normal temperature flotation uses mixed collectors for separation, and the cost of mineral processing is high. It has obvious advantages in environmental protection and other aspects, but its adaptability to ore is not strong, and the beneficiation index fluctuates greatly.

The ore composition of scheelite is complex, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal beneficiation index by using a single beneficiation method. Therefore, a combined process can be used for separation to give full play to the advantages of each process and improve the beneficiation index.


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