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Gold mine tailings filter press

2023-07-27 Xinhai (228)

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Plate and frame is a kind of dehydration equipment that realizes solid-liquid separation in the form of filtration, and is widely used in mine dehydration operations. In the tailings dry discharge, the plate and frame filter press is often used in conjunction with the tailings dry discharge screen to complete the dehydration operations of the medium and fine particle grades and coarse particle grades respectively. Among them, the high-efficiency high-frequency dewatering screen manufactured by Xinhai is used in combination with the plate-and-frame filter press to achieve a water content of 8% in the tailings dry discharge. It is an efficient filter press.

Plate and frame filter presses are divided into two categories: vertical and horizontal, and can be subdivided into several types according to the structure of the filter chamber and the installation, walking and unloading methods of the filter cloth. In our country, the horizontal plate and frame filter press is the main one, and the vertical one is only trial-manufactured and mass-produced. In the plate and frame filter press, filter plates and filter frames are arranged alternately to form filter chambers arranged in parallel. Through holes are designed on the corners of the plate frame and the filter plate, and a complete channel is formed after the two are assembled for the suspension, washing water and filtrate to enter and exit the filter chamber. The filter plate and the filter frame are supported on the beam through the handles on both sides, and are pressed by the pressing device. The filter cloth between the filter plate and the filter frame acts as a sealing gasket.

The suspension is hydraulically pumped into each filter chamber by the feed pump, and the filtrate flows out through the gaps between the filter cloth fibers, while the solid material accumulates on the filter cloth until it fills the filter chamber. Some plate and frame filter presses also need to feed washing water to rinse the material, after washing, air is introduced to remove the remaining washing water, then the filter press is opened, the filter residue is discharged, and the plate and frame are re-pressed to prepare for the next cycle. Plate and frame filter press is a common gold ore tailings filter press, which is mainly used to treat the underflow after overflow and concentration, and the filter press can be sent to the tailings pond for dry stacking.


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