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Desorption Electrolysis System

Desorption Electrolysis System

【Product Introduction】:Desorption electrolysis system as obtains gold mud from carbon by desorption and electrowinning

【Applicable Materials】:Gold mine, silver mine

【Production Capacity】:≥3.5kg/t

【Product Application】:The high-efficiency and low-consumption fast desorption electrolysis system consists of a desorption column and an electrowinning cell.

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Desorption Electrolysis System

The advantages of desorption electrolysis equipment

The desorption electrolysis temperature is the same, and no heat exchange is required. Because of the fast work, the power consumption is 1/4~1/2 of that of the conventional system;

The non-toxic desorption combination medicament contains carbon activator, which can regenerate the carbon, and the lean carbon does not need to be regenerated by fire, which saves the cost of carbon regeneration;

No cyanide: no need to add sodium cyanide in the desorption solution, low cost and no pollution;

The gold mud is of high grade, does not need reverse electrolysis, and is easy to extract;

Safety: With triple safety protection measures, that is, the system's own intelligence, automatic pressure limiting and pressure release mechanism, and insurance safety valve.

Working principle of desorption electrolysis system

The desorption electrolysis system adds anions that are easy to be adsorbed by activated carbon in the desorption system to replace Au(CN)2- to realize the desorption of gold. The precious liquid obtained by desorbing the gold-loaded carbon is recovered by the ionization method to obtain solid gold.

Xinhai’s high-efficiency, low-consumption and rapid desorption electrolysis device is mainly composed of two parts: desorption and electrolysis. The process of desorption and electrolysis is separated, so that the solvent is carried out in the comprehensive desorption tower, and the electrolysis of the precious solution is completed in a separate electrolytic cell. , The four processes of solvent desorption, precious liquid heating, solvent condensation and solvent recovery are centrally arranged in the comprehensive desorption tower, and the precious liquid obtained after the solvent vapor is desorbed from the gold-loaded carbon is introduced into an independent electrolytic cell through a pipeline for electrolysis. The crude gold is obtained, and then refined to obtain the finished gold.

Product picture of desorption electrolysis equipment

Desorption electrolysis equipmentDesorption electrolysis equipmentElectrolysis equipmentElectrolysis equipment  

Desorption electrolysis system FAQ

Xinhai analyzes the application case of electrolysis system in practice

In the 700tpd rock gold mine project in Zimbabwe undertaken by Xinhai, the mines are quartzite gold mines, mostly oxidized ore or primary ore with low sulfur content. The beneficiation part combines the gravity separation + all-slime cyanide carbon slurry process, that is, the desorption electrolysis system for gold extraction. Extraction is efficient, fast, low consumption, low cost, and high production efficiency. The system has high grade of gold mud, does not need reverse electrolysis, and realizes high-efficiency recovery of gold.

Product Parameter

ModelApplicable scaleSystem equipment detailsThe system meter shows detailsOperation parameters
Mine size (t/d)Raw ore grade (g/t)
GJD-200< 1502-8S1 desorption column
 S2 filter
 S3 electrolyzer
 S4 circulating pump
 S5 electric heater
 S6 Charcoal Shooter
 S7 Air Compressor
 S8 Desorption Tank
 S9 clean water pump
 S10 acid storage tank
 S11 Magnetic Drive Pump
 S12 Carbon Storage Tank
 S15 control cabinet
 S16 silicon rectifier cabinet
 S17 pickling and stirring tank
B1 resistance remote transmission diaphragm pressure gauge
 B1 pressure indicating regulator
 B2 diaphragm pressure gauge
 B3 Vortex Flowmeter
 B3 flow totalizer
 B4 thermal temperature table
 B5 temperature sensor
 B5 temperature indicating regulator
 B6 diaphragm pressure gauge
 B7 level gauge
 B9 temperature sensor
 B9 temperature indicating regulator
Desorption solution: PH > 13.5
 Use batch: unlimited times
 Start of electrolysis: 100-110 °C
 End of electrolysis: 150 °C
 Electrolysis current: 350-1250 A
 Electrolysis voltage: 2-4 V
 Pressure at 150°C: Desorption column
 Upper part: 0.50-0.57 MPa
 Electrolyzer: 0.45-0.52 MPa
Special type> 3000

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