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Wet grid type ball mill

Wet grid type ball mill

【Product Introduction】:Wet grid type ball mill is a traditional ball mill that relies on the discharge grid to discharge ore forcibly.

【Applicable Materials】:This wet lattice ball mill is often used to grind coarse-grained ores. It is a common wet lattice ball mill for gold mines.

【Production Capacity】:900mm~4500mm

【Product Application】:The cylinder of the wet grid type ball mill can use high wear-resistant rubber liner, which has good wear resistance, long service life and easy maintenance.

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Wet grid type ball mill

The advantages of the lattice ball mill

The jack up device is easy to overhaul.

Hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings, stable and reliable operation.

Slow-speed transmission is convenient for maintenance and start-up.

The oil mist lubrication device ensures reliable lubrication of gears.

The working principle of the lattice ball mill

The main component of the Xinhai lattice ball mill structure is a cylinder with a reasonable ratio of diameter and length. It is rotated by a transmission mechanism. The material is fed from the feeding end of the cylinder. In the cylinder, the steel balls and the ore itself The material is crushed due to the impact of falling and self-grinding. Due to the continuous feeding of materials, the pressure causes the materials in the cylinder to move from the feeding end to the discharging end. The material that reaches the finished particle size is discharged from the cylinder The material end is discharged. During wet grinding, the material is carried away by the water flow.

Product Picture of Lattice Ball Mill

Wet lattice type ball milllattice ball millGrid type ball millGrid type ball mill structure  

FAQ about lattice ball mill structure

About the structure of the lattice type ball mill  

Product Parameter

ModelCylinder diameter (mm)Cylinder length (mm)Motor
Motor power (kW)Long
effective volume (m3)Maximum ball load (t)Weight (kg)
MQG 0909900900Y225S-818.54750221320500.450.964620
MQG 09189001800Y225M-8225000228020500.91.925340
MQG 121212001200Y250M-8305788279425401.142.411438
MQG 122412002400Y315S-8556673299425402.283.9613200
MQG 151515001500JR115-8606094330027662.2513700
MQG 153015003000JR125-8957979330027664.58.418690
MGG 212221002200JR128-81557750483937946.61545400
MQG 213021003000JR137-821087444394.7311092045790
MQG 243024003000JR1410-828097284956401812.122.567000
MQG 272127002100JR1410-828093005500450010.72463000
MQG 272727002700JR148-831099005500450013.82968530
MQG 273627003600TDMK400-32/215040097655826.64674.518.44198020
MQG 323132003100TDMK630-366301275067505152.522.545115103
MQG 323632003600TDMK630-36630143006760520024.858119012
MQG 324532004500TDMK800-368001389672005152.532.865137589
MQG 363936003900TDMK1000-36/36001000150007200630036.275145000
MQG 364536004500TDMK1250-401250152007750630041.890159700
MQG 365036005000TDMK1400-401400176007750630046.496158000
MQG 366036006000TDMK1600-401600170008800650055.7120189000
MQG 406040006000TDMK1700-301700174009500760069.8137214000
MQG 456045006000TDMK2300-3023001780010500760087158294000

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