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Gold flotation production line

Gold flotation production line

【Process Introduction】:Flotation is the most extensive beneficiation method used by gold concentrators to process rock gold ore. It is often used to process gold-bearing sulfide minerals with high floatability. The flotation process can maximize the concentration of gold in sulfide minerals, the tailings can be directly discarded, and the cost of beneficiation is low. 80% of my country's rock gold mines use this process for beneficiation.

【Application Scope】:The gold flotation process is suitable for processing sulfide gold-bearing quartz vein ore with finer gold particles and high floatability, as well as polymetallic gold-bearing sulfide ore and carbon-bearing (graphite) ore.

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Gold mine flotation production line

Gold mine flotation production line

Process introduction

Gold flotation process

The flotation of gold minerals generally adopts a one-stage grinding-flotation process, and a staged grinding-flotation process can be adopted for ores with uneven particle size in Khenpo. A stage of grinding-flotation-flotation process is generally adopted in my country to realize the enrichment of useful minerals.

Gold flotation process

Gold ore grinding fineness requirements, generally speaking, only the dissociation of the sulfide ore monomer is required for the gold wrapped in sulfide minerals, but the grinding fineness of the gold that is connected with the gangue needs to reach gold. The monomer dissociates. At the same time, the grinding fineness of a certain mineral is determined by experiments.

Gold mine flotation process slurry concentration requirements

The principle of gold flotation is: flotation of large-density and coarse-grained minerals often use thicker slurry; on the contrary, when flotation of small-density, fine-grained and sludge, use a thinner slurry and choose coarser The thicker pulp can ensure a higher recovery rate, and the thinner concentration for beneficiation is beneficial to improve the quality of the concentrate.

Other process conditions

In addition to the fineness of ore grinding, the process conditions that affect gold flotation also include pulp concentration, flotation reagent dosage, aeration amount, flotation time, etc., which need to be determined by experiments.

In the general gold mine flotation process, the flotation reagents that need to be used are: collectors, activators, foaming agents, etc. The collectors are used to promote the floating of gold, and the activator is to increase the floating speed of the gold mine. Frosting agent is to increase the number of flotation bubbles.

Production case

Take a gold mine in Yunnan as an example. The scale of the processing plant is 300t/d. The main mineral in the ore is pyrite. The grain size of gold is fine and it is closely related to metal sulfide minerals. The flotation process of the ore is one roughing, two beneficiation, and two sweeping. However, the surface of the arsenic and antimony minerals is easily oxidized and adsorbs a large amount of flotation reagents, and the flotation effect is poor, so the flotation plant Xinhai was commissioned to reform the flotation process. In response to the problems in the original production, Xinhai carried out technical transformations in combination with actual production and changed the original gold mine flotation equipment cyclone tail throwing to stage grinding and flotation, flotation throwing tails, so that the process is smooth and easy Operation, in addition, the number of equipment and flotation reagent system for certain processes have been improved, and the final results obtained are excellent.

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Process Equipment

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