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New method for processing iron-manganese ore

2024-06-28 Xinhai (100)

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With the development of the steel industry, the rich manganese ore resources in various countries are becoming increasingly exhausted. In order to meet the demand for manganese ore in various countries, researchers have shifted their focus to the study of lean manganese ore and iron-manganese ore.

Due to the fine particle size of the iron and manganese minerals in iron-manganese ore, and the obvious iron-manganese isomorphism, it is difficult to separate the ore into monomers, so the utilization of this type of mineral is relatively difficult. At present, the main beneficiation methods for iron-manganese ore include mechanical beneficiation (washing, screening, gravity separation, magnetic separation and flotation, etc.), chemical beneficiation and pyrometallurgical enrichment.

1 Mechanical beneficiation method

Mechanical beneficiation methods mainly include gravity separation, magnetic separation and flotation, which are traditional beneficiation methods. The manganese element in iron-manganese ore is generally found in pyrolusite, and the iron element is mainly found in hematite. However, since pyrolusite and hematite have similar densities and both have weak magnetic properties, it is difficult to separate the two by single gravity separation and magnetic separation. Among the manganese ore separation methods, flotation is a separation method with stronger selectivity than gravity separation and magnetic separation. Flotation is suitable for processing fine-grained ores, and ore particle size is an important indicator affecting flotation.

2 Chemical beneficiation method

The chemical beneficiation method of iron-manganese ore includes two main processes: chemical leaching and chemical separation.

Chemical leaching includes direct leaching (dithionate method, sulfur dioxide method, two-ore acid method, ferrous sulfate method, inorganic reducing agent method, organic leaching method, direct acid leaching method), roasting leaching method (reduction roasting-acid leaching method, sulfation roasting-water leaching method, ammonium salt roasting-water leaching method, chlorination roasting-leaching method) and biological leaching method.

3 Roasting beneficiation method

Iron-manganese ore is an ore in which iron and manganese minerals coexist. Conventional mechanical beneficiation methods are difficult to separate iron and manganese, and chemical beneficiation methods have problems such as environmental pollution. Roasting beneficiation is a process in which the ore phase changes after being heated to a certain temperature and then undergoing physical and chemical reactions. According to the roasting atmosphere, roasting can be divided into reduction roasting, neutral roasting, oxidation-reduction roasting, and reduction-oxidation roasting. After a certain degree of roasting of iron-manganese ore, the weakly magnetic iron minerals will be reduced to strongly magnetic magnetite or pseudo-hematite, and the weakly magnetic pyrolusite will be reduced to manganese dioxide, and then the iron and manganese minerals will be separated by magnetic separation. Therefore, roasting is often used as a joint process with magnetic separation for beneficiation.

The above are several methods for processing iron-manganese ores. In recent years, some new methods have also been applied in research, such as fluidized magnetic roasting. The ore particles are heated and reacted in a fluidized state under the action of a fluid medium, so that they are in a better dispersed state, with a faster reaction speed and high heat conduction efficiency.

Iron and manganese ores are important guarantee resources for the steel industry. High-quality iron and manganese ore resources are constantly decreasing, and low-grade and multi-metallic co-existing iron and manganese resources are becoming more and more hot spots for development.

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