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Bentonite is a layered clay mineral composed of two layers of silicon-oxygen tetrahedron sandwiching a layer of aluminum-oxygen octahedron. Bentonite has a strong cation exchange capacity; it has a certain adsorption capacity for various gases, liquids and organic substances, and the adsorption capacity can reach 5 times its own weight.

According to the type, content and crystallization chemical properties of the exchangeable cations contained in montmorillonite, it can be divided into sodium-based, calcium-based, aluminum (hydrogen)-based and other bentonites. The application fields of bentonite involve 24 industries including machinery, metallurgy, drilling, petroleum, chemical industry, food, and environmental protection.

The bentonite dryer is designed according to the specific characteristics of bentonite, the structure of the dryer and the influence of the output and quality of bentonite. It is a drying equipment with a large processing capacity. According to the characteristics of bentonite materials, our company has carried out effective technical transformation on the dryer on how to improve the filling rate of materials and prolong the residence time of materials in the cylinder, and adopt a new type of combined lifting device to make the materials have no wind tunnel phenomenon, so as to To achieve the purpose of increasing the contact area between bentonite particles and hot air, so that bentonite can fully exchange heat and dehydrate; improve heat utilization and increase output.

The bentonite dryer is a slightly inclined device. The high end slowly rotates the material to the low end discharge port. With the rotation of the cylinder, the material is picked up and thrown away by the lifting plate in the drum. Next, with the increase of the contact surface thrown down, the rapid drying of materials is promoted, and the dried materials are discharged from the discharge port. The heat carrier is generally hot air, and the exhaust gas is discharged from the flue. There is a professional dust removal at the exit. device, the air after dust removal is discharged again, which protects the atmosphere. 

performance advantage


1. The thermal efficiency of the bentonite dryer is 40%-50% higher than that of the traditional dryer, and the power consumption is reduced by about 45%.


2. The bentonite dryer has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and can use high temperature hot air to quickly dry materials.


3. Solve the problem of water vapor returning to the material after the temperature of the system drops during the same direction of movement caused by the downstream dehumidification of the traditional dryer, and improve the drying efficiency.


4. The heat energy is directly transferred to the material, so that the moisture of the material is continuously evaporated in the cylinder, and the air-inducing device at the material inlet draws out a large amount of water and wet air, which solves the fundamental problem of secondary pollution caused by dust discharge.

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