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Equipment needed for gold ore gravity separation

2022-12-23 Xinhai (317)

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Gravity separation is an ancient mineral processing method, which uses different sedimentation speeds of materials in the medium for separation. For placer gold deposits, due to mechanical and weathering effects, the gold-bearing parent rock is gradually broken into granular objects such as cuttings. 

Under the action of external force, minerals with a larger specific gravity are deposited on riverbeds, hillsides, and other places, forming Enrichment.

For the separation of placer gold, gravity separation is a relatively direct and economical method. The beneficiation process of gravity separation includes cracking, screening, dehydration, separation, and other stages.

The re-election methods include jigging, shaking table, chute, centrifugal and other processes. Most of these gravity separation methods are used for single-dissociated placer gold and are rarely used alone. Generally, they are used in combination with other processes to recover gold more effectively. The following briefly introduces several types of mineral processing equipment to be used in gravity separation.

    1. Jig

    The jig machine uses water as the beneficiation medium and uses the difference in specific gravity between the selected mineral and the gangue for separation. Xinhai beneficiation jigging machine is improved based on traditional jigging machine so that the jigging pulsation curve is the sawtooth waveform, the rising water flow is faster than the falling water flow so that the heavy mineral particles in the mineral can be fully settled, and the recovery rate has been improved.

    2. Spiral chute

    The main equipment for chute gold separation is a spiral chute, which is separated by an inclined water flow. Its working feature is that the ends of the chute are separated into concentrate, medium ore, and tailings, and no washing water is added during the separation process. The cutting width of various products is changed by adjusting the position of the valve block, and the change of the curvature of the cross-section of the spiral chute is especially suitable for the separation of fine-grained materials. The beneficiation chute can be lined with fiberglass, wear-resistant rubber, and polyurethane rubber for users to choose from independently.

    3. Shaker

    The shaking table is a sorting device in a horizontal medium flow, and the asymmetric reciprocating motion of the bed surface is used to separate light and heavy minerals. The ore particles are fed into the ore tank, and at the same time, the horizontal flushing water is supplied by the water tank. Under the action of gravity, momentum, friction, etc., the ore particles are stratified according to the specific gravity and particle size and do asymmetrical reciprocating motion along the bed surface, and finally Discharge from different areas to get different products.