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What are the configuration methods of barite beneficiation production line?

2023-08-17 Xinhai (237)

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 Barite is an important barium-containing mineral. It has the advantages of high density, low hardness, stable chemical properties, non-toxicity, and radiation absorption, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, paint, filler and other industrial sectors. Among them, 80-90% are used as mud weighting agents and coatings in oil drilling, and are important strategic non-metallic minerals.

Barite is a non-metallic mineral product mainly composed of barium sulfate. It is the most widely distributed barium-containing mineral in nature, produced in low-temperature hydrothermal veins. Usually associated with minerals such as quartz, calcite, dolomite, fluorite, siderite, rhodochrosite, pyrite, galena and sphalerite. Because of its large proportion in non-metallic minerals and obvious crystal aggregation, it is called "barite".

Barite is brittle and fragile, and the crystals are in the shape of large tubes. For the separation of barite, the general beneficiation methods include gravity separation, magnetic separation and flotation.

Barite processing plant—configure beneficiation process equipment

According to the specific physical and chemical properties of barite, using reasonable equipment and scientific technology, the joint beneficiation production can meet the needs of normal production. The configuration of the barite beneficiation production line needs to be determined according to the following ore factors.

1. Barite particle size

The inlaid particle size of barite directly affects its crushing particle size, so it involves the configuration of crusher and vibrating screen. Generally, barite ore is inlaid with coarse grains, and barite crystals are thicker and heavier. The spar ore itself is brittle and fragile, and needs to be roughly crushed with a simple and practical jaw crusher to avoid excessive powdery ore. For barite ore with fine embedded particle size, it is necessary to configure jaw crusher, roller crusher and other crushers according to the situation to achieve the beneficiation effect. For the screening of fine-grained mosaic barite ore, linear vibrating screens are mostly used.

2. Barite ore mud content

The mud content of barite ore directly affects its beneficiation effect. In order to avoid the negative impact of the mud content on the beneficiation index, it is necessary to remove the mud in advance, which requires the use of a drum washing machine. Commonly used barite washing machines include spiral washing machines and trough washing machines. For barite ore with no mud or low mud content, it is not necessary to consider the washing equipment and washing process.

3. Barite separation particle size

The particle size of barite refers to the particle size of barite selected by jig. Most of the barite can be dissociated into monomers below 30mm, which can be directly sorted by a large particle jig. For fine-grained barite ore, it needs to be crushed to less than 6mm and separated by trapezoidal jig.

4. The processing capacity of the barite concentrator

The processing capacity of the barite concentrator will affect the configuration of the number and size of the barite jig. Knowing the processing capacity of barite ore plays an important role in the configuration of the jig.

5. Barite dehydration

Since barite beneficiation adopts jig machine as separation equipment, its concentrate and tailings are discharged out of the machine together with a large amount of water. In order to return the excess water to the recycling system for continued use, and to transport the concentrate and tailings directly to the destination for storage or bagging. In general, it is necessary to dewater barite concentrate and tailings, and dewatering screen equipment will be used. Of course, for plants with natural dehydration conditions, dehydration equipment should not be used.

With the low grade of barite ore and complex ore properties, methods such as gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation and combined beneficiation are gradually and widely used in barite beneficiation. In general, barite beneficiation mainly adopts gravity separation method, including jaw crusher, vibrating screen, jig machine, dewatering screen and other equipment. Xinhai is a professional manufacturer of beneficiation solutions, providing scientific and reasonable barite beneficiation plant, mining equipment and process design with low cost and high recovery rate, please call for consultation.

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